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The holiday season is the most magical time of the year for most families. The Christmas festivities bring so much joy and memories for everyone, from decorating the home, wrapping gifts and gathering the family together, the holiday season has everyone grinning from ear to ear.  One of the best parts of Christmas is enjoying the wonderful Christmas lights of your home and all of your neighbors! So many people love Christmas lights but hate the work that goes into making it look truly fantastic. If you’ve dealt with the hassles of installing your own Christmas lights, you know the stress and difficulties that come with it. The Christmas Team exists to make people have a wonderful Holiday season without the stress. We are here to take care of all of your Christmas lighting needs and help you have the best Christmas ever!

Our Wilmington Commercial Christmas Light Installation Process

Lighting Up Your Business In 4 Easy Steps

Step 1

Designing Your Lighting Display

Step 2

Installing Custom Cut Lights

Step 3

Warranty & Maintenance

Step 4

Removal And Storage Of Lights

Benefits Of Commercial Holiday Lighting

Of course we’re well aware of the warm-fuzzies that spectacular Christmas displays bring. There’s more to it than that. In addition to the community, warmth, good vibes, and holiday cheer, there are more concrete benefits to adding Christmas lights to your business this year.

Increased Revenues 
Golden Corral performed a split-test among all their restaurant locations during the holiday seasons. They logged the results and made some surprising conclusions. As it turns out, the locations with lights MADE MORE MONEY… which is why they’ll never go another year without Christmas lights.

Employee Happiness
A study issued by the Journal of Environmental Psychology has found that Christmas decorations PHYSICALLY stimulate the neural pathways of people who see them. Despite surface grumblings, employees are actually happier when surrounded by Christmas decorations (and so are customers)

Our Commercial Christmas Light Installation Benefits


The creative power of professionals is in your full control. We can either: Adhere to your corporate / franchise designated guidelines, follow your lead and bring your imagination to life or design a custom stunning display from scratch. You decide what route to take.


We provide commercial grade custom cut LED Christmas lights. We don’t get our lights from Home Depot or Lowes. These are professional lights that don’t blow out in: rain, sleet, snow, or wind Because we invest in the best, your business will always look top-notch.


With our timers you get the choice between: completely manual on/off controls, lights that stay on all night long, giving a beautiful show no matter the time, automatic power-down at sunrise or timed power-down at store close. Whatever your schedule needs, we can make it work.


We have so much faith in our process that we make a simple guarantee: If anything should ever go wrong, we will return ASAP to fix any and all problems. We can deliver you exactly what you’re looking for, and we can deliver it in a way that works for YOUR business needs.


When need the lights down, we're there, no questions asked. We can provide safe and professional Christmas light removal around your working hours. We will safely package all of the lighting for your commercial building and keep the lights in our storage facility.

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